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La Transatlántica

The Hispanic Society produces its own review magazine, La transatlántica, which uncovers the diversity of Hispanic culture and experience.

Combining engaging articles by academics and stimulating student contributions, the publication seeks to inform and enthuse about the Spanish-speaking world, not only the general Cambridge regional actors but also the wider student and academic community in the UK and Hispanic countries through our network of contacts. With a total possible exposure of hundred of thousands, making use of printed, internet and email media distribution.

We welcome contributions in English or Spanish, on any topic connected to the Hispanic and Spanish-speaking world.  Contributions will include articles on music, culture, history, politics, travel, arts and literature, as well as creative writing.

We are in the process of producing a special edition, focusing on the performances of hispanic bands/artists and the sociological interactions within the audience. These experiences will be part of  large scale research articles in our cultural publication. For this purpose we have been sending journalists to the most prestigious European music and cultural festivals over the Summer, where such bands will be playing, to collect the necessary field-work material. In the process of selecting journalists and  festivals, we are promoting them to the thousands of subscribers of our mailing lists and at our events/activities.

If you would like to jump on board and write for the magazine, or copies of back issues please contact us.

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